September 23, 2012

List of compositions

Below is a complete list of my compositions. Those that are available to purchase or download for free have an ISMN number and are available from this website.

Ref. ISMN Title Format
A001 The Lord is my light and my salvation
A002 Spiritus Domini super me
A003 979-0-708122-03-6 Were you there (arrangement) Download
A004 979-0-708122-02-9 Man that is born of woman Print
A005 979-0-708122-00-5 Teach me, O Lord Print
A006 979-0-708122-01-2 Hail, gladdening light Print
A007 979-0-708122-07-4 A prayer of St Ignatius Loyola Print
A008 979-0-708122-10-4 Bless, O Lord, us thy servants Print
A009 O Lord, support us
A010 Gracious Spirit, Holy Ghost
Ref. ISMN Title Format
C001 In Winter Light
C002 979-0-708122-12-8 I saw three ships come sailing in (arrangement) Print
C003 979-0-708122-04-3 Lullay, mine Liking Print
C004 Rejoice and be merry
Ref. ISMN Title Format
L001e Advent Dismissal
L002 Advent Prose
L003 979-0-708122-08-1 Canterbury Service (Choir/Organ) New edition coming soon!
L003c Canterbury Service (Congregation) New edition coming soon!
L004 St Stephen’s Service (Choir/Organ)
L004c St Stephen’s Service (Congregation)
L005 Missa Adventus Christi (Choir/Organ)
L005c Missa Adventus Christi (Congregation)
L006 Nunc Dimittis for Candlemas
L007e A selection of Responsorial Psalms
L007ce A selection of Responsorial Psalms (Responses only)
L008e 979-0-708122-05-0 Easter Anthems Download
L009e 979-0-708122-11-1 An Advent Dismissal Download
L010 979-0-708122-15-9 The Passion according to St John (full score) Available Summer 2018
L010p 979-0-708122-19-7 The Passion according to St John (SATB parts only) Available Summer 2018
L011 979-0-708122-17-3 Salisbury Fauxbourdons Print
L012 979-0-708122-18-0 Come, O Lord Download
L013 979-0-708122-20-3 Preces & Responses for Tenor, Baritone and Bass voices Download
Ref. ISMN Title Format
M001e 979-0-708122-16-6 Introduction and Descant for ‘We have a Gospel to proclaim’ Download
M002e Descant for ‘Lord of beauty, thine the splendour’ (Regents Square)
M003e Descant for ‘Thou whose almighty word’ (Moscow) Download
M004e 979-0-78122-14-2 Descant for ‘Thine be the glory’ (Maccabaeus) Download
M005 Hackington (DCM hymn tune)
M006e 979-0-708122-06-7 Christ’s Glory (Hymn tune for ‘Christ, whose glory fills the sky’) Download
M007e  979-0-708122-09-8 Descant for ‘Lord of all the saints, we praise thee’ (Dulce Carmen) Download
M008e  979-0-708122-13-5 Descant for ‘Love divine, all loves excelling’ (Blaenwern) Download
  Film Scores
Ref. ISMN Title Format
F001 Looking back at Hackington Audio