September 23, 2012


Rehearsal in progress
Choral Workshop in progress

I have led several workshops in practical areas such as conducting, training for RSCM Chorister Awards, and in more historical areas – for example, the illustrated history of hymnody in the Church of England, with examples for participants to join in with.

Recent workshops include:

  • Organ playing workshops for children and adults new to the instrument
  • Choral Workshop and Evensong in Chantilly, France
  • Singing Morning for young people in Whitstable
  • Conducting workshop in Canterbury
  • Chorister Award training for the RSCM (various locations around the Canterbury area)
  • The History of Hymnody in the Church of England

Please contact me if you are interested in me coming to run a workshop for you.

“One of the most enjoyable events that I have ever been to (and I have been to quite a few!) and I learnt so much from your expertise, Stephen.” from a participant at a conducting workshop in Canterbury.

“Thank you for your energy, expertise and charm on Saturday‚Ķ I think you pitched it just right, with the balance of detail/shape.” Piers Maxim, accompanist at the RSCM North-West Europe Choirs Festival in Brussels, May 2012